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ELT Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the leading wholesaler of cabinet components in Johor, Malaysia.

Our company, being a dynamic and competitive supplier of all kinds of furniture fittings, harnesses the innovative technology to ensure that we only supply high-quality products. From hinges to slide and anti-jump, we have an extensive range of must-haves that are perfect for your home improvement ideas from our own brand : pio & ovel .

Whether your cabinet style is classic, traditional, or contemporary, our collection of cabinet hardware can still make the difference.


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Area Of Application

Cabinet Fittings

We  provide hinges, anti-jump, slide, Incom box, and K-ssories. Hinges will provide a smooth motion when you need to open or close the cabinet. We also provide slides that can be moved seamlessly without creating noise or rattle.  They are an excellent choice for those who want to repair their cabinets and preserve the parts that are still durable.

Kitchen Solutions

Available products that we have are cabinet components that include incom box, dish rack and other accessories. We carry high-quality drawer boxes and frames that are designed to enhance the usefulness of your cabinet. It will help you preserve your investment without the need of replacing all of its parts. It is an excellent value for money since all the offers are constructed for extended use.

Wardrobe Solutions

Sometimes the quality and design of your cabinetry are also dependent on the accessories that you install on it. It is why we thought of offering wardrobe sliding door system, aluminium frame glass door sliding system and many more. You will never run out of choices if you want to transform your wardrobe into a beautiful one. They also vary in designs to ensure that they match the style of your wardrobe.